User Reviews for Everest


Adventure, Drama, Thriller
PG | 2 hrs 10 min
UIP - Columbia Pictures

    Waley ung title ng review ko. Anyway, the movie was indeed made for large screen format like IMAX. Add in the 3D effect and the numerous aerial shots and you would regret not taking metoclopramide prior to seeing the movie. Compared to the most recent big budget disaster movie San Andreas i'd say this has more acting from the characters and are quite piercing to the heart and tear-jerking. Good thing i didn't read what the movie was based from, otherwise that would have spoiled a lot.


    I simply do not like death


    Bullshit movie. So what's the moral lesson here? Those fucking mountaineers died because of their stubornness and what the hell are they fighting for anyway? World peace? I really don't understand why this peace of crap should be the reason why a great movie like Heneral Luna get pulled out of cinemas.


    Subsequent to Heneral Luna, Everest was also on our weekend movie list. Both films are fiction based on true accounts. Whereas, Luna invoked a triumphant sentiment that poke on every Filipino's conscience and earned an applause from the audience, Everest on the other hand presented a storytelling devoid of deeper characterization. Did I enjoy the film? I know it's a tragic film, but somehow it failed to stir a chord. Everest is like watching a docu-tour with its itinerary of do's and don'ts and possible outcomes. The triumph of reaching the peak was tasteIess, the view on top had no cinematic grandeur. There was no exclamation point. Yes, the storm was the climax but when tragedy struck, the viewers had no choice but to watch the comeuppance - it became academic from thereon. The film failed to create empathy for its characters. It didn't give me enough reason to applaud those who survived or salute those who perished.