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Alita: Battle Angel

Action, Adventure, Romance
PG | 2 hrs 07 min
20th Century Fox
Main Cast
Rosa Salazar
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Amazing Visual Effects 32Great Fight Scenes 28 Female lead 22

    Kung nabutan niyo IMAX 100% worth it
    For 2D a bit downgrade sa audio quality. Hindi siya perfect pag-dating sa character-wise(mainly si Hugo) Maayos pacing ng story, it explain everything you to need in 2hrs

    Hoping for Alita sequel

    Love the Female lead Amazing Visual Effects Great Fight Scenes

    best movie for 2019! like an astroboy female version

    Love the Female lead Great Fight Scenes Lovestruck

    Anime/Manga adaptation done right.

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed Superb Cast

    The best live-action of 2019 so far.

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed

    Something new. Nice story.

    Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects

    Visual is superb and the fighting choreography were great!

    Amazing Visual Effects Great Fight Scenes Love the Soundtrack

    Best anime movie ever (( 9.8/10 )) ... aaaand FUCK her un-good adaptation boyfriend, Fuckin Hugo, he wasn't natural in it, he was reading straight of the script with bad acting. Overall, THE BEST ANIME MOVIE out their, straight out of the OVA Anime and Manga Combined.

    Love the Female lead Great Fight Scenes

    Fights Scenes are painstaking and meticulous while the story is flat.

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed Great Fight Scenes

    At first i was hesitant in watching this movie as i thought this might just be another boring robot, scifi type of movie. However, i ended up watching out of curiosity and I ended up liking the movie. ALITA is set in a distant future where people and AI coexist. Shall I say, this is still survival of the fittest.

    The battle scenes are fantastic. The characters are awesome! The setting is great! Visual effects are at par! I am looking forward to a sequel for this movie, which I believe there will be.

    To all the viewers out there, this is a mustwatch movie of the quarter.

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Action-packed

    Alita Battle Angel is what happens when Hollywood finally get an Anime film right, ive gotta say James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez should work more together because this film is incredible.

    This film had heart and soul poured into its story and you could tell that 1000 of hours of work have gone into making this film. They've pulled one of the best films this year with incredible visual effects and CGI work that give this film a beautiful setting and background.

    The visual effect of Alita (voiced by Rosa Salazar) we're incredibly done giving detail in her eyes which made her character on screen look more like an actual human actress. Her character and acting is what made this film, they give her a human soul and a purpose with the writing which is so well done, it gives the audience an emotional journey of a young woman trying to discover who she is.

    The love interest side of the film is so done right it doesn't feel forced as well which along with its action sequences as well as it supporting cast was nothing short of perfect. The story does a great job of not revealing too much to earlier as slowly building up characters so you understand the story and draws you into every moment, this is matched by the awesome fight scenes and great formidable villains of the film adding to incredible film.

    This is one of those films that deserves a sequel and to be a successful film as of what they've realised here is one of the best live action anime films, with a damn near perfect if it was for slight pacing issue that doesn't really affect the film but is noticeable.

    Does it live up to the hype? HELL YES this film live up to the hype this is a must to watch on teh big screen hopefully were see a sequel come from it because it so needs it.

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed Great Fight Scenes
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