User Reviews for Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
PG | 2 hrs 05 min
Walt Disney Pictures
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Hilarious 8Amazing Visual Effects 8 Cast 6

    My Dad asked, what are you going to watch? The Huntsman you said?? ??


    I love Paul Rudd and all the memebers of the cast! Very entertaining as always. Can’t wait to see the next one!

    Amazing Visual Effects Hilarious Superb Cast

    Need to be more precise and detailed with the storyline.

    Great Fight Scenes

    Its good in 3D but I’d recommend it in 4D.
    It is more of a stress reliever for infinity war.

    That means a movie you should definitely watch. It has great action sequences, great actors and a bunch of funny scenes.

    I would love to watch it again.

    P.S You should wait for the first post credit scene (which is the end of the film but not after the credits end) but not the 2nd one (which is after the credits are finished). The 2nd post credit scene is more of a joke and im not in the RHYTHM for it.

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Action-packed

    marcel pulls it off again with a very entertaining superhero movie

    Great Fight Scenes Hilarious Superb Cast

    For an action movie, it kinda lacks action (25% action, 75% dialogue).
    At least it was funny so overall it's okay. Just don't overthink and don't expect much so you can enjoy this movie.

    Hilarious Superb Cast

    hilariously good!


    Don't wait for the final post credit scene, it is a waist of time.

    Love the Female lead Great Fight Scenes Superb Cast

    I would have given it a 4 1/5 stars if I could. I will see it again!

    Love the Story Superb Cast Great in 3D