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Avengers: Endgame

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | PG | 3 hrs 10 min
Marvel Studios
  Amazing Visual Effects (59)  Action-packed (53)  Great Fight Scenes (40)

    Just commenting now but I did see the movie the first day it opened. Had to watch it ASAP cause of the spoilers inconsiderate people were posting online.

    Anyway the best part is when ___________ was able to use _________. Whoa most of us in the cinema were all amazed and had a collective and amazing reaction to the awesome scenes after what happened. Just wow. I'm so glad I watched it in a cozy smallish cinema first instead of the usual theater. Collective reaction was priceless. We all had a great time. :D

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed Great Fight Scenes

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed

    Amazing Visual Effects

    Love the Story Great Fight Scenes Superb Cast

    Amazing movie! Been a long time since I watched this movie but it still gets me exited. If you've invested a lot into the MCU, this is an amazing love letter to the 21 films thst come before. Amazing movie. One of the best films in cinemaroc history and will be talked about for generations

    Love the Story Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed

    Amazing movie! Can’t get enough.... wish it never had to end.

    Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed

    Love the Male lead Love the Story Great Fight Scenes

    Amazing Visual Effects Action-packed Great Fight Scenes

    Great Fight Scenes Lovestruck Superb Cast

    Avengers Endgame! The finale is here! Was it worth the wait?

    Yes pwedeng pwede na. But for some reason, I didn't get the urge to watch it for a second time. Lahat naman tayo when asked, maganda ba yun ENDGAME? We will all answer YES! Because it's true the movie is awesome! It's one of the best movies this year.

    The only thing stopping me from giving this movie a 5 star are the plot holes. Madaming plot holes lalo na related to time-travel, but my biggest concern is related to the next Spiderman Movie.

    The next spiderman movie happens right after endgame. Peter Parker is with his classmates and are on a Field Trip. Meaning Classmates parin sila after 5 years? Meaning lahat sila ng classmates niya naging DUST at classmates parin sila ngayon?

    Okay lang siguro kung yung Bestfriend niya naging Dust din, so it makes sense if they are still Classmates after 5 years. But ALL of his classmates ay classmates parin niya after 5 years? Meaning lahat sila sa section niya became DUST/DISAPPEARED?

    Its hard to accept lalo na when we were made to believe RANDOM Persons became dust when Thanos Snapped.

    Maganda ang ENDGAME. Sobrang ganda nga hindi natin agad napansin ang plotholes masyado tayo na distract. Pero despite the plot holes it is still a suitable ending to the whole Marvel Movie Infinity Stones Movie Series which started way back in Ironman 1!

    I give this movie 4.5/5!!! Hindi talaga yan 4/5... 4.5/5 yan!! Maniwala kayo!

    An honest to goodness gracious review by: #LINTECHph

    Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects Great Fight Scenes
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