Great one ! 7/10

    Fun and Enjoyable Action-packed Great Fight Scenes

    dami ko tawa sa movie na ito. yun batuhan ng dialogue is epic. margot robbie on her finest acting. ganda ng fight scenes at hindi OA. panuorin nyo. maganda talaga.

    Love the Female lead Love the Story Hilarious

    I love everything about the film!! I enjoyed every scene. No dull moment! A must-watch!

    Love the Female lead Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable

    Absolute perfect, loved the cast, the story and great visuals. Must watch!!!

    Love the Female lead Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects

    Amazing performances by Margot Robbie and Ewan MacGregor with alot of nice John Wick-ish action scenes that doesn't realy on special effects.

    Plot is very basic and not alot of character depth especially Ewan MacGregors character, Black Mask. Amazing performance, but nothing really there outside just being a weird bad guy.
    Some (not all) of the action scenes, though bad-ass, are sloppily executed.

    It's a colorful trippy movie and a fun time at the cinema, but not movie that would carry a conversation after.