Erik Matti’s Andres Bonifacio Movie to Star Isko Moreno as The Supremo

A new film about the Great Plebeian is in the works!

Andres Bonifacio is once again being revived onscreen through director Erik Matti’s upcoming film MayPagasa. During the celebration of the country’s 123rd Independence Day, Regal Entertainment Inc. announced the new film, with Isko Moreno playing the national hero.

“We want to be able to tell a story about Bonifacio that hasn’t been taught in schools and has never been seen in the many Bonifacio movies made in the past,” producer Dondon Monteverde said in a statement. “And we want to make this particular Bonifacio movie relevant to the year 2021.”

Regal Entertainment also explained the reason for Moreno’s casting, stating that “it is Moreno’s passion, nationalism, and love for the country that made him suitable to play the role.”

This is not the first time that the Manila City Mayor will be in a Bonifacio biopic. In 2014, Moreno appeared in Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo where he played Padre José Burgos.

Director Erik Matti also teased that the upcoming film will be packed with action. “[Bonifacio] never had the gab for words like his other more privileged contemporaries had even if he wrote some very insightful letters,” stated the director on Instagram. “He only had the drive to do something. He shows not tell. Perfect for movies.”


More details about the film are yet to be revealed. For the latest updates, follow Regal Entertainment Inc. on Facebook.

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Homestream image from Erik Matti on Instagram.

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May Pagasa
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