“Teen Wolf” Tyler Posey Plays a Twisted Game of “Truth or Dare”

He became a household name when he starred as Scott McCall on the long-running MTV series Teen Wolf, which aired its 100th and final episode in September 2017.  

He became a household name when he starred as Scott McCall on the long-running MTV series Teen Wolf, which aired its 100th and final episode in September 2017.  

Now, Tyler Posey joins Lucy Hale (TV’s Pretty Little Liars) as college seniors Lucas and Olivia  in Truth or Dare, a supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Productions (Happy Death Day, Get Out, Split).

In the film, a group of college friends heads to Mexico for one last getaway before they begin their post-grad lives and head their separate ways.  As with any core crew, long-brewing romances and allegedly buried conflicts begin to emerge as they prepare to say goodbye.  When a handsome stranger cons Olivia into getting her friends to play a supposedly silly game of “Truth or Dare,” they awaken a trickster demon that is hell-bent on getting them to share their darkest secrets or confront their deepest fear…and if they don’t, they’ll pay the ultimate price.  

Ultimately, the trickster forces the group to decide how far they are willing to go to protect their friends.  “Olivia and Markie’s relationship is the central one in the film, which is why it has to be tested,” shares director Jeff Wadlow.  “Both of them are in love with Lucas, and he’s the third point of that triangle.  They have to learn what it is like to sacrifice everything for the ones you love, if they want to make it out alive.”

Lucas is not simply Markie’s boyfriend, but he shares an unspoken crush with Olivia.  They’ve known each other since they were freshmen, and have made peace with the idea that they’re just going to be friends.  A good guy with a strong heart, Lucas can be tough when he needs to be.  That makes for quite the compelling character, because he’s about to be in a situation where he’s got to make some life-or-death choices.  The first person to believe that Olivia is telling the truth is Lucas, because he gets his turn after her.  When you get a turn, you realize that this is not a hoax.  This is not a joke.  This is happening for real.  


Posey reflects that Lucas is just as unbelieving as the rest of his group that the events are going down…until the game burns the question into his forearm.  “Even though Lucas doesn’t know how to handle everything that’s coming at them, he’s good at calculating and being methodical.  If Olivia’s the brains of the group and the leader, he’s the idea guy.  He’s trying to maintain peace in the group as they learn to deal with what’s happening.”

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The actor particularly loved Lucas’ trip back to Rosarito—alongside Markie and Olivia—to find the root of evil and stop the game once and for all.  “Our characters return to Mexico to talk to this woman and survived a massacre, and try and figure out a way to break the curse,” explains Posey.  “While we’re at it, we’re trying to convince the same creep that brought us out to play ‘Truth or Dare’ to begin with to cut his own tongue out!”

Already a recognizable television star due to the tremendous fan base of Teen Wolf, Posey has begun to establish himself on the big screen as well.  In 2016, Posey starred in Kevin Smith’s feature comedy Yoga Hosers.  

In Philippine cinemas May 9, Truth or Dare is distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

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