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Zazie Beetz: Domino of Luck in “Deadpool 2”

Deadpool comic creator Rob Liefeld is a fan of his character’s movies. “Ryan made “Deadpool” a little dirtier.

Deadpool comic creator Rob Liefeld is a fan of his character’s movies. “Ryan made “Deadpool” a little dirtier. He brings that extra-edgy material that works. He’s perfect for it. They’ve taken great liberties with the R-rating and I think it found its own niche. I’m thrilled that there’s this different muscle that Fox gets to work out,” enthuses Liefeld.

As well as giving Deadpool and Cable life, Rob Liefeld also created Domino, introducing her in New Mutants #98, the same issue in which Deadpool debuted. Liefeld says, “Deadpool took everybody down in the course of 10 pages, and Domino took Deadpool down in one page! She’s capable. She can go toe-to-toe with anybody, especially Deadpool and Cable. She is a badass combatant with a unique power. It’s an unknown power of probabilities, kind of a luck power. She’s wonderfully unpredictable in that way.”

Zazie Beetz (Domino) is best known to audiences as ‘Van,’ opposite Donald Glover, in FX’s critically acclaimed show Atlanta. Beetz was recently seen in Dean Devlin’s “Geostorm”, “Slice,” “Sollers Point,” and “The Undiscovered Country,” “Wolves” and “Applesauce.” Beetz also recurs on Joe Swanberg’s Easy for Netflix. 

Beetz discusses in the following Q&A her journey from start to end on filming Deadpool 2.

On how she got involved in the film


”This came along kind of sort of how all projects do right, like through my agency and sort of their interest is being expressed. And I had meeting with the director and with Ryan, and then we sort of just talked in general. That’s usually that meeting. And then about a month later they flew me out to LA to read with the director and read with Ryan. And so I had it was like an audition. And I then a few weeks after that got a text and call from Ryan and the director and they told me that I’d got the role.”

On what she loved about the first film

“I think particularly engaging in this kind of superhero universe. I think loved that it was so aware of what it was doing and aware of the world it was engaging in. And that makes it such a special little kind of like tangent to everything else going on; I think in the movie industry and in this genre specifically. And so I felt it was such a cool thing to be a part of. And a very I think fresh and new and original take on a bunch of different sort of themes.”

On playing this character

“I don’t think…you never really picture like that that would be a reality in…you know, I never pictured I’d be doing something like this. Ever. I loved acting, I grew up acting; like in my community and stuff, but I never really visualized that something like this would happen. And to originate a character, something so special and such a huge responsibility. And particularly it’s also like the fans, like the comic book fans, and especially since I look very different so I hope I at least do it sort of justice in my performance and that’s something I’m very nervous about.” 

On her character

“I mean, she’s lucky and that’s her power. But she’s very, she’s strong and she has this kind of dark and tragic past that I think shapes how she views a lot things you know? She’s sort of this… the world is just sort of happening to her. And with her power, she kind of…she really doesn’t have to worry about much in a way, but she also I think you know that’s sort of where does luck end and begin? I don’t know if I’m allowed to curse, but she doesn’t take shit from Deadpool.”

On working on the film

“I mean it was a compilation of a bunch of stuff. It was a bunch of adlibbing and a bunch of playing off of each other. It’s a chemistry, like does the chemistry work. But then there’s also a lot of like it’s a meticulous, you know you’re coming, it’s millions of dollars, and hundreds of people, and you’re all coming down to do this one detail and then this other detail. And so, it’s sort of like two different things alongside each other. And riding that balance is also this interesting dance.”

On being excited about the film

“It opens the doors… you have these sort of like introductions of all these characters. The introduction of Cable, the introduction of Domino, and that’s always the question. Is there going to be a sequel or spinoff for them? Or for them? And that’s what’s exciting. But I think is also wonderful is like what’s so great is like, Ryan has been working on this for so long. Like he has this vision and also think Dave and him did a good job of like combining their two kind of… their sort of their expertise’s and making it really I think, really tight, really funny. There’s so many different story lines, but I think it stays super…like it moves and everything is like quick and fits and is this huge Tetris thing. Just like so many things change last minute, it was like this whole thing and then it fits. And it was so much fun to watch and I’m super excited.”

From 20th Century Fox, “Deadpool 2” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide.  Also available in IMAX screens. 

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