Gripping Docufilm ‘Assassins’ is Now Streaming at Cinema ’76 @ Home

Ryan White's docufilm follows the assassination of Kim Jong-nam in 2017.

Ryan White’s well-acclaimed documentary flick Assassins is now available for streaming here in the Philippines, thanks to TBA Studios’ VOD platform, Cinema ’76 @ Home.

In 2017, Kim Jong-nam, half-brother to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was assassinated in broad daylight at a bustling international airport in Malaysia. Footage showed that two young women approached Jong-nam from behind and covered his eyes with their hands, exposing his eyes to VX—the most lethal nerve gas on earth. In an hour, the victim was dead.

The docufilm takes a closer look at the bloodless killing and the two women who were charged with the crime. Were they guilty of the killing, or were they unwitting pawns in a political assassination?

Watch the trailer of Assassins below:

The docufilm which premiered just last year at the Sundance Film Festival is now streaming for only P200 at Cinema ’76 @ Home. Buy your tickets at Ticket2Me and watch the film here.


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