Jasmine Curtis-Smith Midnight In A Perfect World

WATCH: Jasmine Curtis-Smith on Horror Film ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’

Jasmine Curtis-Smith shares how they shot Midnight In A Perfect World in pitch black.

Will you make it to the safe house?

Directed by Dodo Dayao, Midnight In A Perfect World is a horror film set in the near future where Manila is an almost-utopian city. Mysterious blackouts hit random parts of the city after midnight and anyone caught in it vanishes without a trace. Four friends who think it’s only an urban ghost story, find themselves seeking refuge in a safe house.

In this interview, we talk to lead star Jasmine Curtis-Smith who shared fun facts about shooting the movie. She also shared what a safe house is to her, and who she wants to be stuck in there with.

Watch the full interview below:

Midnight In A Perfect World will be streaming exclusively on www.upstream.ph this January 29, 2021. You may book your tickets as early as now.


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Midnight in a Perfect World
Horror | Sci-fi | Thriller

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