‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Drops New Poster Ahead of Trailer Release

The trailer is dropping this Sunday!

Two of the most iconic monsters in film, Godzilla and King Kong are ready for a confrontation in the new Godzilla Vs. Kong poster.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment will soon be releasing the big crossover film, now that their MonsterVerse had been set up by the Godzilla reboot in 2014, Kong: Skull Island in 2017, and 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Legendary revealed a new poster for the upcoming film, along with the announcement that its first trailer will drop on Sunday, January 24. Check it out below:

Photo: Legendary on Twitter

Directed by Adam Wingard, Godzilla Vs. Kong stars Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, and Rebecca Hall. Last week, Deadline reported that the film’s release has been moved to March 26 this year, instead of May 21. It is coming to theaters and HBO Max.

For more information and updates, follow Legendary’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Godzilla vs. Kong
Action | Sci-fi | Thriller


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