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Click’s Picks: Vote For The Best 1980s Movie!

From Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things‘ and Black Mirror‘s San Junipero episode to films like ‘The Wedding Singer‘ and the more recent ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ — there’s something about the 1980s aesthetic and music that charm audiences around the world.

Say Anything- 1980s films poll
“Spotify, play ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel”

In this edition of Click’s Picks, we’re throwing it back with films from the 1980s! At this age of streaming, reliving all of the decade’s iconic movies that have left a mark in pop culture is so easy. You’re just a binge-watch away from nostalgic classics featuring shoulder-pads, big hair, and funky synthpop.

Back to The 1980s: 10 Classic Films You Can Stream on Netflix

Whether you’re an adult who feels nostalgic or a young one obsessed with ‘vintage’ movies from way back when, this is a list you’d want to check out. Here’s our shortlist of the decade’s most memorable movies. Did your favorite 1980s movie make the cut?

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