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Movies on TV This Week

TV Guide: Movies Showing From November 9 to 15, 2020

Here are all the must-watch films on TV this week!

Isn’t it a bummer when you see your favorite movie already playing halfway through when you turn on the TV? Fret not! From rom-com and action to horror and thriller, we’re giving you a heads up on all the must-watch movies on TV from November 9 to 15, 2020.

November 9, Monday

Snakes on a Plane
(2:05pm, Cinemax)
Sean Jones, a witness, is on a flight to LA to testify against a mob boss, Eddie Kim. However, Flynn, the FBI agent accompanying Sean, must save the passengers from a disaster.

X-Men Days of Future Past
(2:25pm, FOX Movies)
Wolverine travels back in time to stop Mystique from assassinating Bolivar Trask, whose death leads to the creation of the Sentinels, which are robots designed to kill mutants.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
(5:20pm, HBO)
When Harry is chosen as a fourth participant of the inter-school Triwizard Tournament, he is unwittingly pulled into a dark conspiracy that endangers his life.

The Unmarried Wife
(9pm, Cinema One)
A woman finds herself torn between a relationship with her new lover and unresolved feelings for her soon-to-be ex-husband.


November 10, Tuesday

Ex with Benefits
(3pm, PBO)
Arkisha will do anything to keep her ex in her life.

Walang Forever
(5pm, Cinema One)
A screenwriter’s life is turned upside down when her ex suddenly returns.

Nancy Drew
(5:25pm, HBO)
Nancy Drew, a teenage detective, accompanies her father to Los Angeles on a business trip. There, she discovers the murder of a film star and decides to investigate the killing.

The Lion King (2019)
(6:55pm, FOX Movies)
Simba, a young lion prince, flees his kingdom after the murder of his father, Mufasa. Years later, a chance encounter with Nala, a lioness, causes him to return and take back what is rightfully his.

November 11, Wednesday

Tooth Fairy
(12:35pm, FOX Movies)
A hockey player breaks a little girl’s heart when he tells her that there is no tooth fairy. Soon, he is summoned to the fairy world and punished to serve two weeks as a real-life tooth fairy.

(1:10pm, HBO)
Jack, a struggling musician, meets with an accident during a blackout and wakes up to find out that only he remembers The Beatles. Later, he starts singing the band’s songs to gain fame.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
(1:45pm, Cinemax)
After a successful mission, Quill and his team of galactic defenders meet Ego, a man claiming to be Quill’s father. However, they soon learn some disturbing truths about Ego.

When Love Begins
(7:30pm, PBO)
Two lovers have strong feelings but are afraid of commitment.

Four Sisters and a Wedding
(9pm, Cinema One)
Three sisters reunite to dissuade their younger brother from marrying his fiancee. As they interact, they face the feelings and issues they have kept buried for a long time.

Iron Man 2
(9pm, FOX Movies)
Tony Stark is under pressure from various sources, including the government, to share his technology with the world. He must find a way to fight them while also tackling his other enemies.

November 12, Thursday

Memoirs of a Geisha
(11:30am, HBO)
Chiyo Sakamoto, a nine-year-old girl, is sold by her underprivileged family to a geisha house. She becomes a victim of unpleasant circumstances, but her fate changes when she meets Mameha.

Maybe This Time
(7:15pm, PBO)
Steph learns to be tough and sets her sights on bigger dreams after Tonio ends their relationship without saying goodbye.

The Amazing Spider-Man
(9pm, FOX Movies)
Peter Parker, an outcast high school student, gets bitten by a radioactive spider and attains superpowers. While unravelling his parents’ disappearance, he must fight against the Lizard.

November 13, Friday

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
(10:20am, HBO)
Gellert Grindelwald plans to raise an army of wizards to rule over non-magical beings. In response, Newt Scamander’s former professor, Albus Dumbledore, seeks his help to stop him.

Camp Sawi
(9:30pm, PBO)
Five women enter a boot camp to deal with their feelings.

Knight and Day
(11:45pm, Cinemax)
June Havens meets Roy Miller, a lethal operative, in an unlikely encounter and gets entangled in his adventures. She falls in love with him and has to figure out if he is a traitor or a good guy.

November 14, Saturday

The Grand Budapest Hotel
(10:25am, HBO)
Gustave H, a concierge, is wrongly framed for murder at the Grand Budapest Hotel. In the process of proving his innocence, he befriends a lobby boy.

(3pm, Cinema One)
When a couple begin to feel that their relationship has gone stale, they explore the idea of an open relationship.

OTJ On The Job
(11pm, Cinema One)
Politicians secretly hire convicts to conduct hits, then quickly return to prison.

November 15, Sunday

The Vow
(2:05pm, FOX Movies)
Paige meets with a terrible accident which leaves her in a coma. When she wakes up, she doesn’t recognise her husband Leo, who then tries to win her back by courting her again.

Crazy Beautiful You
(5pm, Cinema One)
Jackie is taken on a medical mission to calm her rebellious spirit. When she arrives she meets Kiko, and the two discover something crazy and beautiful together.

The Grinch (2018)
(5:55pm, HBO)
The Grinch grows increasingly annoyed with the ever-growing festive cheer that engulfs the village of Whoville. So, he teams up with his dog to ruin the festive spirit by being a spoilsport.

Angel Has Fallen
(9pm, HBO)
Authorities take Secret Service agent Mike Banning into custody for the failed assassination attempt of U.S. President Allan Trumbull.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
(9pm, FOX Movies)
After years of working as a mutant mercenary, Logan lives a quiet life with his girlfriend, Kayla. However, a figure from his past brutally assassinates Kayla, compelling Logan to seek vengeance.

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