Q&A: 'Wonder Woman1984' Cast & Director Answer Fan Questions at DC FanDome

Q&A: ‘Wonder Woman1984’ Cast & Director Answer Fan Questions at DC FanDome

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and director Patty Jenkins give light to some of the fans' inquiries about the film!

After dropping a new trailer at the DC FanDome last month, we now get to see the cast and crew of Wonder Woman 1984 answer questions from the fans!

Check out below some of the highlights from these Q&As which will continue to stream today, September 13 until tomorrow at 1AM, exclusively at the DC FanDome website. Answering the questions are Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Kristen Wiig (Cheetah), Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord), and director Patty Jenkins.

What will be your super-villain name?

Gal: For my super-villain name, I’m gonna phone a friend. Chris, are you there?
Chris Pine: Hello.
Gal: Chaz has a question for us, okay? If you have to name me a super-villain name, what would it be?
Chris: Uhm… the Terror of McGiggle Town.
Gal: [Laughs] There you go, you’ve got your answer.

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If you can take one superhero for an adventure, who would it be?


Gal: I would take either Cheetah, or Harley Quinn, or Batman. They’re all fun, and dark, and interesting.

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Chris: That question is an easy one for me to answer. Wonder Woman first, second, third, and always.

How much physical work did you put into the film? And which action sequence is your favorite?

Gal: Wow. This movie was very physically-demanding. Patty really wanted to shoot action sequences in a practical way as much as possible. So we had to do a lot. I did a lot by myself, I also had amazing stunt women working with me.

I can’t really choose just one moment because there are different epic action sequences in the movie that were amazing. But maybe I can give you one without giving away anything. We shot at [Pennsylvania] Avenue in Washington DC, and I had to run super fast– you’ve seen it in the first trailer and also the second trailer– and we’ve matched the speed of my running to Usain Bolt. And I had to run in like 24 kilometers per hour and it was insane!

Obviously I didn’t do it by myself, I was assisted by wires, but it was crazy. To do it and to do it there, it was amazing.

Photo from the Wonder Woman 1984 official trailer

What can we expect from the new movie?

Chris: I think you can expect a whole bunch of stuff. Tons of action, a lot of heart. I think the thing that separates Wonder Woman as a character and as a story is there’s a lot of love, heart, compassion, and joy.

Tons of different locales on this one, great ’80s outfits, great ’80s music. Hans Zimmer created an incredible, indelible, unforgettable score for our film; and a lot of laughs. I think given the crazy time we’re in there’s no better time for a woman and story like Wonder Woman.

What’s the connection between Diana Prince and Cheetah?

Kristen Wiig: Well, they work together and they’re friends in the beginning of the movie. Barbara Ann Minerva who becomes Cheetah, she really looks up to Diana and really wants to be her. And Diana really loves being around Barbara. And it makes the relationship a bit more complicated and interesting as Barbara starts to change and… the rest you’ll have to see!

How was it playing Cheetah?

Kristen: Bringing Cheetah into live-action was incredible. I’m such a superhero movie nerd and I’ve always wanted to be in a movie like this. And when I saw the first Wonder Woman I freaked out, and I still can’t believe that I’m in the second one. It was an amazing experience.

Photo from Wonder Woman 1984 on Twitter

How was it different being in the set of Wonder Woman 1984?

Pedro Pascal: I would say, the thing that felt different about being on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 than it did other, I guess, large-scale sets that I’ve been on was that they used so many practical effects.

I never really found myself having to do things with the green screen. There were such specific locations, and practical effects that create such a visual experience that they capture on film and it was bizarre and amazing to physically be at the center of it.

There was so much that you didn’t have to leave to your imagination because they created it for you to interact with. For me it was really really amazing.

Photo from Wonder Woman 1984 on Twitter

What did you learn in the first Wonder Woman movie and Wonder Woman 1984?

Director Patty Jenkins: I’ve learned so much. I have always loved Wonder Woman and I have always loved these films. I think what I learned every single time is how important these metaphor are to people just as they were to me when I was growing up. I think that you can use these beloved characters like we’re getting to use Wonder Woman, to tell stories about us and where we are right now. How endlessly timeless they are.

Here we are making a movie 1984, before we made one in 1917, but both of them are about the here and now in our world. And we’re using this character that we believe in and love to tell a new story. So I think I’ve learned how much I love them and how enduring these characters are.

Photo from DC FanDome

How did you decide that Cheetah and Maxwell Lord should be the villains of this film?

Jenkins: They are both quintessential Wonder Woman villains. So the first one that came to mind was Cheetah, I almost wanted Cheetah in the first movie but then when that didn’t work out, she was our immediate go-to for the second movie. But then as the story started to come to life, it suddenly became clear that Maxwell Lord was also such an important part to make that story work, and I love the idea of the two of them together.

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Wonder Woman 1984 is currently set for a December 25 release in the US.

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