WATCH: Trailer for Erik Matti’s Yo! Brings Yoyo into an Animated Graphic World

Award-winning Director Erik Matti is back with a hyperreal fantasy film Yo!

After the debut of Erik Matti's green screen film Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles seven years ago, the award-winning director had been busy making movies that have the more realistic setting like On The Job, Honor Thy Father, Seklusyon, and Buy Bust.

Image: Yo! Trailer

This year, Matti is finally back with another film set in a computer generated world. Titled Yo!, the film casts South East Asia's top taekwondo champion, the Filipina Pauline Lopez to play the main protagonist Tala Aragon.

Watch Yo!'s teaser trailer here:

Unlike the bloodshed of films On The Job and BuyBust, or the mature and dark plots of Honor Thy Father and Seklusyon, the director announced that the upcoming film is a family movie on a hyperreal fantasy.

In the trailer, Tala tells the story of her grandfather regarding the secrets of the classic Pinoy toy yoyo, and how it can be used as weapon against bullies and the like.


"A film set in its own world with its own kind of pop jargon set in urban manila with some hyper real settings. Please note that they will not be in cyberspace but they will be in their own animated graphic world when they focus on their best friend the yoyo." explains Matti in the Facebook post of Reality Entertainment.

Image: Yo! Trailer

Last year, Erik Matti's bloodthirsty action film Buy Bust has been added to the Filipino films available at the streaming service Netflix. Watch the movie here.

Homestream image screengrabbed for Yo! trailer.

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