‘Alien’ Celebrates Its 40th Year With 6 New ‘Alien’ Universe Short Films

These films are set to be released online weekly on the IGN website before they're uploaded to the official Alien Universe website and social media accounts. 

This year marks the 40th year since Alien first opened in cinemas, later on expanding into a franchise of 4 sequels and 2 prequels. In celebration of another milestone into one of the classics of horror, 20th Century Fox worked with Tongal – an online platform for brands, studios, and filmmakers – to crowdsource new content which would be added to the list of stories which stemmed from the classic film by Ridley Scott, H.R. Giger, and Dan O'Bannon. 

In the end, 6 short films were chosen, each of which is inspired by the original film and brings the universe into new heights. These films are set to be released online weekly on the IGN website before they're uploaded to the official Alien Universe website and social media accounts. 

Check out the 6 short films below: 

Alien: Alone
Written and Directed by: Noah Miller 

Photo: Alien Universe/Website

The short film centers on an abandoned crew member named Hope, who is aboard the dilapidated chemical hauler Otranto. When she discovers a hidden cargo in the ship, she risks everything to power up the ship and to search for human life. 

Alien: Containment 
Written and Directed by: Chris Reading

Photo: Alien Universe/Website

Containment is about four survivors who are stranded in space, aboard a small escape pod. The group tries to figure out the details on the outbreak that destroyed their ship, eventually realizing that they don't know who to trust and who is infected among them. 

Alien: Harvest
Written and Directed by: 
Benjamin Howdeshell 

Photo: Alien Universe/Website

In Alien: Harvest, a crew only has minutes to reach the emergency evacuation shuttle after their harvester gets damaged. With only a motion sensor, they must get to their safety and avoid a creature in the shadows that terrorizes the crew. 

Alien: Ore
Written and Directed by: the Spear Sisters

Photo: Alien Universe/Website

Alien: Ore follows a miner named Lorraine who uncovers the mysterious death of a fellow miner, forcing her to decide whether to escape or defy the management's orders to fight for her family's safety. 

Alien: Night Shift
Written and Directed by: 
Aidan Breznick

Photo: Alien Universe/Website

In Night Shift, a space trucker is found hungover and disoriented, and his co-worker suggests a nightcap for him. As their closing time nears, they are allowed inside the colony supply depot where the trucker's condition worsens. This leaves the supply worker to handle things on her own. 

Alien: Specimen
Written and Directed by: Kelsey Taylor

Photo: Alien Universe/Website

Specimen centers on Julie, a botanist trying her best to contain the suspicious soil samples that triggered her lab dog. However, the lab goes into full shutdown, leaving her trapped inside. What she didn't know is that an alien specimen escaped the cargo, looking for a host. 

For updates and more information, you may check out the Alien Universe's website and Facebook page. 



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