Fear terrorizes Jodie Foster

In "Flightplan," the actress is gripped in terror after learning that her child has gone missing in the plane

” align=”left” hspace=”10″>One of her generation’s most accomplished leading actresses, as well as a
distinguished director in her own right, Jodie Foster brings tremendous
energy and complexity to the role of Kyle, embodying every detail of her
transformation from numbed grief to horrified shock to galvanized action as
she stops at nothing to solve the gut-wrenching mystery that has taken her

” align=”left” hspace=”10″>As a mother of two, Foster felt a strong affinity for “Flightplan” from the
minute she heard about the story from producer Brian Grazer. “What really
moved me about the script was the idea of a woman who has lost her child and
yet suddenly is forced to question her sanity because there’s so much grief
inside her that she has to wonder if she’s going insane,” says Foster.

” align=”left” hspace=”10″>Director Robert Schwentke found working with Foster to be a constantly
exciting and revealing experience. “She is utterly fearless. She is able
to take herself or her character to emotionally uncomfortable places. She
is totally committed to the role and every one of her choices reflects that.
If something is truthful for the character, she will do it even if that
makes her appear less likeable or out of control. She has the amazing
ability to repeat the same line fifteen times, making every take sound
different and as though she is saying it for the first time. I felt very,
very lucky.”


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