Men on a Mission: Sunshine Crew

It's men on the sun this time with highly-acclaimed English director Danny Boyle.

It's men on the sun this time with highly-acclaimed English director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting and 28 Days Later) in his forthcoming big sci-fi movie SUNSHINE. The movie solidly anchors at a point in the future when the sun is dying, and along with it, life on Earth.

A group of scientists have developed a bomb that could jolt the sun back to life. One of these devices was dispatched on a spaceship called Icarus seven years earlier. That first ship disappeared before completing its mission. Now another ship, Icarus II, is on its way to the sun, bearing another bomb. Onboard is a crew of eight (Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Troy Garity, Cillian Murphy, Hiroyuki Sanada and Benedict Wong) of which each has a vital scientific specialty to perform. As they travel nearer the sun to complete their mission, they soon learn that they are not alone.

As Boyle tackles a different genre, this time science fiction, Boyle enthuses that "It's a kind of space mission movie, a mission to the sun. And they're taking a bomb to reignite a section of the sun that's failing, and the bomb is immense. It's the size of Kansas. And whenever we say that at the Q&A's, people shout out that we should let it out there, as well. And someone else shouts out, it wouldn't make much difference, anyways. "I don't know very much about Kansas. It's just a figure of speech, anyways."

"It's sci-fi," he continues, "So it's got those kinds of rules about it. It's a mystery. There's a mission that's gone seven years earlier, and it's failed. And no one really knows what happened to the crew. And at the end, they get to meet the source of all life in the universe," Boyle explains.

During the course of his directorial career, Danny Boyle has proven himself to be adept in a variety of genres. After starting his career with "Shallow Grave," A Life Less Ordinary and cult favorite Trainspotting, he helmed The Beach and then broke out to some degree with the zombie flick 28 Days Later. In a complete departure from his earlier work, Boyle next did a charming family film, "Millions," a project that incorporated numerous religious ideas.

SUNSHINE opens very soon in theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


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