Revenge Is A Funny Thing

George Clooney is back and reunites the whole gang for a revenge heist.

Academy Award-winner George Clooney (Syriana) is back as Danny Ocean and reunites the whole gang for a revenge heist, in Warner Bros.' new crime comedy Ocean's Thirteen, the third installment in the highly successful series. Also returning are cast members Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, and director Steven Soderbergh.

In the film, Danny Ocean had tried to warn his friend, Reuben (Elliot Gould) about going into business with casino owner Willy Bank (Al Pacino), but when the deal goes bad, Danny’s only thought is how to help his friend. He calls the rest of the guys together, initially so they can be there to support Reuben and then so they can figure out how to fix the situation.

But while the others are already dreaming up revenge scenarios, Danny is resolved to go by the “rules.” First, he intends to have a conversation with Willy and offer him a “Billy Martin,” their slang term for a second chance. It is only after Willy turns Danny down flat that the gang starts planning how to break The Bank. The reward, this time, won’t be financial or professional; it will be personal.

“They’re not stealing anything; they’re letting everybody else rake it in. You could say they’re helping Bank give it away,” Clooney smiles. “It’s great to be around a table that’s hot—like a craps table when people are winning. When you’re around one that’s on fire, the place just explodes. To have a whole casino on fire is everybody’s fantasy.”

“One thing that makes a con movie work is how much you care about the people who are perpetrating the con and how much you want the mark to be taken down,” Steven Soderbergh notes. “In ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ Danny wants to get his wife back and take down casino owner Terry Benedict, so the guys all work together to undertake this incredibly elaborate heist. ‘Twelve’ is about them using their skills to literally survive—to get out of the trouble that they got themselves into in ‘Eleven.’ ‘Thirteen’ is all about friendship, which was a great jumping-off point for the movie. We love these characters and know how much they mean to each other, so to see Reuben brought down by an outsider…they’re going to pull together for him, and that’s what drives the entire story. It’s not just a heist for the sake of it.”

“It’s a charitable heist, if you will,” agrees Andy Garcia, who plays Terry Benedict, the mark of the first movie, who gets his revenge in the second and becomes the gang’s unlikely ally in the new film. “It shows the kind of friends they are, and I think that’s something an audience can get behind right away.”


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