Tom Cruise in ‘Lions For Lambs’

Cruise plays the fiercely driven and deeply ideological Senator Jasper Irving.

From Academy Award®-winning director Robert Redford comes a provocative new film that addresses some of the biggest questions about life today in America head-on, yet in a heart-stirring way: “Lions For Lambs.” Unfolding in real time, the film uses the unseen, behind-closed-doors events of a single day to connect the dots and reveal how an ambitious power broker (Tom Cruise) making bold moves in Washington, a broadcast journalist (Meryl Streep) chasing a hot story under intense pressure, and two brave soldiers (Michael Peña and Derek Luke) sent on a secret, perilous mission are all connected to one young man (Andrew Garfield) on the precipice of understanding the real power of freedom, belief and commitment.

Lions For Lambs.

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