Ruffa: The Superwoman Who Needs Love

Ruffa Gutierrez seems to have it all, she is indeed a superwoman.

Ruffa Gutierrez is more than the glitz and glamour that she’s always famous for. Having a breathtaking face and body that has bewitched a Turkish prince, a very successful hosting career, two good-looking daughters and an affectionate and loving family—Ruffa seems to have it all, she is indeed a superwoman.

Desperadas‘ — Ruffa plays the role of Isabella—a socialite single mom who is very confident, stylish and yet very extravagant in spending. “I was very excited when I first learned about Desperadas, it is my comeback movie since 1995, my first movie in twelve years!” gushed the beautiful actress. Ruffa narrates that she enjoyed doing the film, and she admits that she has a personal connection with her role. “Isabella kasi is very sure of what she wants, she is very glamorous and wants to always look her best—which I admit na ganun din ako, pero kasi she has an imeldific lifestyle that she spends na all her money, Hindi naman ako ganun kasi since 12 years old pa lang ako I’m working na and I learned the value of money na I worled for and ngayon na I’m a working mom, mas practical na ako with my finances”. Directed by Joel Lamangan, Desperadas is an official entry to the 2007 Metro Manila Film festival and is slated for theatrical release on Christmas day.


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