Ben Stiller is ‘The Heartbreak Kid’

Stiller talks about his new film, his co-stars and working again with the Farrelly brothers.
The Heartbreak Kid‘, Ben Stiller talks about the movie, his co-stars and working again with the Farrelly brothers, the makers of ‘There’s Something About Mary’.

On his character in the film, Eddie:

I play this guy Eddie who owns a sporting goods store. [He] Has never gotten married, is 40-years-old and is thinking about it and meets this girl who seems perfect so decides to go with her. Turns out she is a nightmare, they’re wrong for each other, and on the honeymoon I meet the girl who I should’ve married.

On working again with the Farrelly brothers:

We stayed in touch over the years and had talked about other projects but this one seemed like the movie to do together. They bring such a specific tone to what they do. And when there was a chance for them to do an ‘R’ rated comedy again, and it’s been a little while for them, and I haven’t done one since we worked together… so it’s fun to be able to jump back into that world.


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It was fun to work with my dad just because he is so funny. You don’t have to worry about really being funny in a scene because he’s just going to be the funniest person, no matter what. He’s just hilarious, he’s so unique and he does his thing. And since he is my father you don’t really have to act because there’s already that relationship there whether you want it or not. When you’re acting with a parent all the history is there. And that was great. It really helped our relationship as father and son.

On the Farrelly brothers’ working methods:

I think that part of the whole thing was keeping it lively and fun. And Peter and Bobby [Farrelly] really hear how it sounds in their heads and the rhythm of it and let everybody bring their own life to it. And it’s like a party a lot of the time, keeping everyone’s spirits up.

I think that they look at movies as a place where it’s somewhere you can go and have fun. They are very clear about what they want the experience to be and they are great together in the editing room too because they use music really well. When you work with a director you want to work with someone who really knows what they want, and that’s what they definitely do.

On his co-star Malin Akerman:

Malin Akerman is great, she’s hilarious. I mean she really had an incredible part in this movie where she had to do a lot of crazy things, from really having a lack of vanity and being able to feel ok about really putting herself out there – and she has sunburn throughout most of the movie. She has to bare parts of her body. She’s just a great sport and she is really funny in the movie. It demanded total commitment.

The Heartbreak Kid.

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