One-On-One With Ashton Kutcher

The 'What Happens in Vegas' star talks about relationships, movies and growing up.

The upcoming romantic comedy “What Happens In Vegas” sparks when carefree Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) rashly gets hitched with Joy (Cameron Diaz) during a crazy, inebriated night of fun and passion in Las Vegas. In the morning, however, they are left nursing hangovers, along with big regrets. All set to leave Vegas and head back home to New York, Joy is idly playing a slot machine. Jack uses one of Joy’s quarters, puts it in the machine and amazingly hits the jackpot … to the tune of three million dollars. Understandably, neither is prepared to let the other one keep the cash.

A successful producer, he has his own production company, Katalyst Films, which is responsible for several reality TV shows such as “The Real Wedding Crashers,” “Room 401” and “Adventures in Hollywood.” He also produced the sitcom “Miss/Guided. The actor is involved with extensive charity work. Kutcher, 30, is married to actress Demi Moore.

A: “Jack is just somebody looking for the quick fix. He is a slacker in his job and in life. He is trying to get by, doing just enough, without working very hard or challenging himself. He wants to have a good time and get laid. I think his journey is about recognizing that sometimes you are working harder to avoid the work than you realize. And what you are looking for maybe right in front of you.”


Q: How much do you have in common with Jack? You actually chose to get married at quite a young age.

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“I think I was very much this character myself. I was very close to Jack before I got married. I had no desire to be in a relationship whatsoever – not at all. When we first met, I was here in New York, partying and playing, I was hosting SNL and I was saying to myself: ‘I am going to party, I’m going to sleep with this girl and that girl…’ and then.. I met my wife. And it was like: ‘I can’t not be with this person.’ It was actually very similar to the movie in some ways because as soon as you make that decision not to have a relationship, you will find one.”

Q: What was it like working with Cameron?

“It was fantastic. I would go home at night and look forward to going to work again because I’d know I was going to see her the next day. She makes the process fun for everyone from the start of the day to the end of the day; she loves making movies and that made it really exciting for me.”


Q: Why are you so committed to helping young people with problems?

A: Because I have been there myself. As a kid, I broke into my high school. I was working really hard at the time, doing one of my blue-collar jobs and I just wanted to get some money fast. For a minute I just thought that the easy way out was the best way out. It’s a simple decision, a simple oversight that kids can make. One of the things I speak about when I go to courses run by S.F.K. (Spirituality For Kids), which is a non-denominational, non-profit organization, is that I was just like them. I was the guy that sat in jail, the guy that walked around town with my baseball cap down because I was ashamed of myself. Now, the whole world has accepted me as a successful person. Some people may not like the work I do but that doesn’t matter because in some ways I have become a role model as an actor and as a professional, hardworking person. Remember the next time you think of one of those people in jail as bad, they are really just like Ashton because the truth is that I was that guy – absolutely 100 percent – but I turned my life around.”

“What Happens In Vegas” opens May 7 in theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox.

I’m looking for What Happens In Vegas.

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