John Leguizamo In Another Meltdown

Ice Age's 'Sid the Sloth' stars anew opposite Mark Wahlberg in 'The Happening'.

Best known as Sid the Sloth in the worldwide hit “Ice Age” franchise, John Leguizamo stars anew in M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller “The Happening.”

With his role as Julian, the multi-talented Leguizamo brings a comic and a touching edge to the story who finds himself facing his own heart-wrenching personal dilemma as he fights for his family’s survival.

“For Julian, I wanted a heroic, poignant performance tinged with some comedic moments that would fit alongside Mark, and that’s why I cast John Leguizamo,” explains Shyamalan. “I think Julian is a very compelling character because he has to make this sort of terrible choice between trying to protect his daughter or his wife. And John did this terrific audition where it was clear he would be very complementary to Mark.”


He also liked the idea of playing an ordinary man forced into extraordinary actions in the midst of a national crisis. Leguizamo says: “Julian’s a high school teacher, a smart guy with a good marriage, but it’s time like these when I think your real character as a man shows – when you answer the question of what kind of person are you really and how far would you go for those that you love?”

The Happening.

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