‘The Rock’ As A Secret Agent In ‘Get Smart’

Dwayne Johnson stars as Agent 23 in the action-comedy.

He was most recently seen in the Disney family comedy hit “The Game Plan,” which grossed more than $92 million in the United States and nearly $150 million worldwide. Now, Dwayne Johnson stars as the invincible and impossibly charismatic Agent 23, in Warner Bros.’ new action-comedy “Get Smart.”

“The great thing about Dwayne is that he has a tremendous action resume but he is also outrageously funny and has a great warm personality, all of which he brings to the part,” states producer Charles Roven. “Agent 23 needs to be not only the epitome of cool, the guy everyone wants to be, but at the same time has to be Max’s benevolent big brother in a way, always encouraging him to pursue his dream of becoming an agent.”

The best way to describe Agent 23, offers Johnson, is that “He’s simply the greatest agent on the planet, the star quarterback, the absolute best at what he does. He loves his work and loves himself and he’s not afraid to let people know it…but in a nice way, which only makes him more likeable. He also cares a great deal for his would-be protégé, Max, and always defends him when the office bullies get after him.”


In keeping with Agent 23’s super-spy image of virtual indestructibility, Lew’s strategy was for Johnson to subdue his physical inferiors—meaning, just about everyone—without breaking a sweat. Whether in fights or in CONTROL training drills, Johnson moves as if encased in invisible armor, casually deflecting blows like brushing lint from his shirt.

Get Smart.

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