Mark Wahlberg Makes It Happen

Treading the acting path anew as a science teacher in 'The Happening.'

Taking on the unexpected in the upcoming thriller “The Happening,” Mark Wahlberg treads the acting path anew as he takes on the role of Elliot, a nerdy high school science teacher in the midst of chilling deaths caused by the unkown.

Phenomenal actor Mark Wahlberg takes readers into his past and how he made it happen in the following Q&A.

Q: How was it working with M. Night Shyamalan?

A: Awesome. It comes across as effortless but there’s so much preparation and detail that goes into his work and it’s all figured out before you get there. The challenge is working out his interpretation. If we were working together on The Departed and he had to play a badass from Boston I wouldn’t listen to a word he had to say, but this was his wheelhouse and he was awesome.

Q: Night described you as having a “presence of pure innocence”. Would you agree with that?

A: I do! I always felt like I was an actor from a very early age it was just never on camera or on a stage. I grew up in a really scary place and I had to appear to be able to handle myself so people wouldn’t bother me and I would be accepted. I’ve done a lot of bad things in my day. I felt as though I was putting on a bit of a front and now that I have kids I’ve gotten past that and have this huge sense of relief that I can just be myself and relax.

The Happening.


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