Will Smith Is A Superhero With An Attitude

Will Smith stars in the new action adventure, 'Hancock.'

“Hancock is not your average superhero,” says Will Smith, the star of Columbia Pictures’ new action adventure, “Hancock.” Smith says that he was attracted to the film by the chance to bring an original, unique story to the screen — a superhero movie that expands the boundaries of the genre by stressing human emotion.

“There’s this idea that ‘summer’ movies are about action and that ‘fall’ movies are about character,” Smith says. “Well, what happens if you take a powerful, dramatic story with rich character arcs and set it in a world with all the bells and whistles of a July 4th movie? Why can’t you marry those and get the best of both worlds?”


“Will was excited to play a superhero,” says producer James Lassiter. “When we saw this script, we thought it was the perfect way to do this kind of movie – an irreverent superhero you haven’t seen before. Hancock is an exceptional, interesting character that breaks the mold.”

According to Michael Mann, the result is the perfect match between star and material – a film that delivers what audiences expect from Will while also engaging them in surprising ways. “We set out to make a movie that moved between being profoundly funny and irreverent to sexy and romantic, to thrilling and then wonderfully heartbreaking. Will Smith’s power as an actor is in his ability to inhabit the states of mind of this complex character in such profound ways. He is the center of gravity…” says Mann.



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