Natalie Martinez Stars In Upcoming Remake

'Death Race' marks her feature debut.

Born in Miami, Florida, 23-year-old Natalie Martinez is a Cuban-American actress and model. She is best known for her role as Michelle Miller on MyNetworkTV telenovela, Fashion House. She is also the spokes model for JLO by Jennifer Lopez. Starring as the sexy navigator, Case, Death Race marks her feature debut…

I am Jason Statham’s navigator. I hope I get to fire a few machine guns! We also plan to do some of the stunts. I clamber out of the ejector seat in one scene, and fiddle with the guns mounted on the car. I love it. I love guns! The whole action thing is a lot of fun; it’s very hands-on and I feel the adrenalin surging. I like cars a lot, too. I love the Mustang, the rawness and meanness of it. I also like the Buick. The role’s been great. I did some physical training back in LA, and I also trained out here with Jason’s trainer. It’s just fitness work and helps give me a tough girl attitude.

Q. Do you get to drive any of the cars?

I can’t drive stick, so that’s been a bit of a problem. If I could I would!

Q. What are your navigational skills like?

They’re pretty on point. A lot of trust from the driver is put on the navigator; the guns, the oil, the napalm, while he focuses on the track. I can very easily navigate the race and manipulate the race in certain ways. In real life, I’m quite a good driver, too. I’ve got a good sense of direction. I’m no good at north, south etc, but I’m good at directions!

Q. What’s the exact relationship between your character and Jason’s?

There’s nothing going on but the fact that I’m his navigator, although there is perhaps a slight hope or suggestion of romance. We are in prison together so there are no actual love scenes, but there’s some link between us. You can’t trust anyone in this place, and I think that we get a bond of trust going. There’s flirtation around.

Death Race.


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