Russell Crowe Deceives Everyone In ‘Body of Lies’

Russell Crowe fights terrorism at all costs in the new explosive action-thriller.

Russell Crowe fights terrorism at all costs in Warner Bros. new explosive action-thriller “Body of Lies” from director Ridley Scott (“American Gangster,” “Black Hawk Down”). Leonardo DiCaprio also stars.

The film tells the story of a young CIA agent attempting to turn Iraqi terrorists on themselves, but Crowe said the bigger picture is its timely message. “I think the perspective of ‘Body of Lies’ is ongoing,” he says. “It’s machinations and creations of the American government, in terms of its foreign policy. I don’t think it’s so responsive to what’s happening now — because what’s happening now is actually the fruit of seeds planted two or three decades ago, if not more. But I think it’s timely to do a movie like that… it’s important, and Ridley is up for [portraying] the true negatives of this web of intrigue that’s been created.”

Body of Lies.


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