Hugh Dancy, Workaholic Boss In ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’

The british stars opposite Isla Fisher in the new romantic comedy.

British actor Hugh Dancy (“Black Hawk Down,” “King Arthur,” “Ella Enchanted”) stars opposite Isla Fisher in Touchstone Pictures’ new romantic comedy “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” based on the bestselling novel by Sophia Kinsella, and directed by P.J. Hogan (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”).

“Hugh Dancy is someone we’ve worked with in the past,” says producer Jerry Bruckheimer. “He played Schmid, the medic, in ‘Black Hawk Down,’ and then Galahad in ‘King Arthur.’ I think he’s a wonderful young actor, extremely handsome, very charming, and I think somebody who is going to be a major movie star.”

“On the surface, Luke appears to be the polar opposite of everything that Becky is attracted to,” says Dancy. “He’s utterly disinterested in clothes and shopping, and he’s in love with the world of finance, which she clearly has a bit of a problem with. But like all good matches, these initial differences end up being the very thing that draws the two characters together.”

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