John Cena In ’12 Rounds’

The wrestling idol stars in the new action flick '12 Rounds.'

Automobiles, streetcars and ferryboats are transformed into potential weapons of mass destruction in “12 Rounds” starring wrestling idol John Cena. In the movie, Cena plays everyday cop Danny Fisher in New Orleans struggling to save his kidnapped girlfriend from a revenge-seeking criminal. The revenge embroiled Fisher in a cat-and-mouse chase of “12 Rounds” in the city of New Orleans. As each round nears to a conclusion, the tasks keeps Danny guessing at every treacherous turn, hurtling the determined cop through the city at a breakneck pace.

A: Everyone gets that idea and they are pleasantly surprised when they find out it’s 12 challenges and not 12 rounds of boxing. I think people will be pleasantly surprised with the movie as well. I don’t know what people are expecting but I think this movie will exceed their expectations.

Q: Can you describe your character in the movie?

A: Danny fisher is just a regular cop, who makes a bit of a lucky bust and knows it. . The whole everyman thing is easy, I’m just trying to be me, I like the fact that Danny struggles. He doesn’t come out of a phone booth and stop bullets.

Q: How is this character different from the Marine?

A: The Marine was more like a terminator character, there is even a line in the movie, “this guys like the terminator.” He’s very impervious to bullets, indestructible, a guy who can’t be defeated. Danny Fisher really is a normal dude. There are moments in the movie were he experiences defeat, doubt, he doesn’t have faith in what he can do. It’s a very normal scenario for someone to go through as opposed to the Marine, who is very super human.

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