Three Nights Of Mark Gil At Mogwai

He's one of the best actors we've ever had. And now, he's going to be cooking your dinner.

He’s the greatest villain our screens have ever known, and one of the best actors we’ve ever had. For decades, Mark Gil has been biting into apples threateningly, letting audiences know that our heroes will only fade against his gaze. In recent years, he’s become the face of quiet dignity in our films, playing men whose histories have driven them to retreat from the world, carrying their burdens in silence.

Mogwai Cinematheque. Gil, a well-known foodie and gastronomist, will be in the kitchen, preparing the dishes himself, based on his own favorite recipes. He will also be on hand that night for a special Q&A session follow a screening of Mike de Leon’s immortal Alpha Kappa Omega: Batch ’81.

Leading up to the event, Mogwai will be screening two of Gil’s latest films. On Wednesday, April 22, Mogwai will play host to the original Cinemalaya cut of Rotonda, where Gil plays a disillusioned tabloid reporter who’s planning to commit suicide. Gil won a Gawad Urian award for Rotonda, his first since Batch ’81. On Thursday, come and see Alon, the Cinema One Original where Gil plays Fiel, a lonely man living in a remote seaside village who forms a relationship with a vacationing seventeen year-old girl.

You’ve seen his films, now taste his food. Come and try something completely different at Mogwai Cinematheque.

Screening on the Three Nights of Mark Gil:


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8 PM – Rotonda

Written and directed by Ron Bryant

Featuring the original Cinemalaya cut

A marked one thousand-peso bill passes hands between five characters desperate for some sort of salvation. A jaded reporter plans his suicide. A prostitute vows to give her sister a better life. A fallen henchman returns for one last score. A teenage runaway is abducted by a sadistic cop. A young man struggles with his abusive father. As their stories intersect, death and danger loom at every corner, leading to an inevitable tragedy hidden in the noise of the city’s busiest streets.



8 PM – Alpha Kappa Omega: Batch ‘81

Directed by Mike de Leon

Written by Doy del Mundo, Raquel Villavicencio and Mike de Leon

Batch ’81 follows the lives of seven neophytes who wish to enter a prestigious fraternity. They go through a rigorous hazing process, enduring both physical and psychological pain in the name of brotherhood and solidarity, a process that invariably drives them to violence and tragedy. De Leon’s Batch ’81 is still a masterpiece after all these years, its incisive commentary and dark wit holding up well through the decades.

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