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A powerful witch, mysterious text messages, fake accents, and a lost diamond earring.

Check out the movies opening this week!

Movie Opening This WeekEchelon Conspiracy

An unwitting engineer picks up a cell phone that receives strange text messages that seemingly predict the future, allowing him to avoid getting on a flight that will crash and make some money on gambling. But it isn’t long before government agents get on his tail, leaving the young engineer to uncover the truth behind these mysterious messasges.

Movie Opening This WeekThe Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond

A free-spirited debutante returns to 1920s Mississippi to attend society’s biggest parties. She is secretly in love with one her family’s farm hands, and enlists him to be her escort to the functions, hoping that something will spark between them. But it all goes wrong when accusations fly over the loss of a five thousand dollar teardrop diamond earring.


Movie Opening This WeekThe Coffin

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A young couple undergoes the Thai ritual of lying in a coffin to free themselves from bad luck. While it appears to work at first, they begin to realize that there may be a few side effects, as they experiences a series of supernatural occurrences that force them to seek aid from a paranormal expert.

Movie Opening This WeekMother Of Tears

When an ancient urn is opened, it releases the spirit of a powerful witch, her power causing an upsurge in violence in the city of Rome. As the world’s most evil characters converge on the city, a lone American art student with supernatural powers may be the only one standing in the way of the world’s destruction.

Movie Opening This WeekMy Fake American Accent

A look into six months in the lives of a group of call center agents as they struggle with having to deal with disgruntled callers and having a life out of sync with the rest of the city, all while having to speak in a fake American accent.

Still Showing on Silverscreen:

Shinjuku Incident

Blood: The Last Vampire

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Kamoteng Kahoy

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