Cruise- Diaz ‘Knight and Day’ Trailer Debuts Here In

20th Century Fox has brewed yet another explosive follow up trailer of 'Knight and Day' as its theatrical playdate nears.

Silver screen’s much missed high-adrenaline, ear- deafening and star-powered action film is back in the upcoming film “Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Knight and Day begins when a small-town woman (Diaz) has a chance encounter with a mysterious man (Cruise). He is either the man of her dreams or perhaps, her nightmares. Amid shifting allegiances and unexpected betrayals, they are swept up in a whirlwind of globe-hopping adventure and world-changing secrets.

“Knight and Day” was briefly introduced to the movie viewing public months back when its first trailer played in theaters and on the blogosphere depicting Tom Cruise as a mysterious man clad in jeans, shirt and a jacket stalking the panic-stricken Cameron Diaz who had been thrown in a cycle of cutthroat events that threaten her life.

20th Century Fox has brewed yet another explosive follow up (2nd) trailer of “Knight and Day” as its theatrical playdate nears (to open July) that will be exclusively seen first at at 7:00pm, March 30, 2010. Following the debut a minute after 10:00pm, check out 20th Century Fox (Philippines) fanpage in Facebook for more news on “Knight and Day.” The latest trailer ups the ante once more in the action-comedy genre as it mounts Cruise and Diaz in the deadliest adventures where nothing and no one are what they seem – even themselves.
Also starring are Peter Sarsgaard (“An Education”) as a federal agent relentlessly pursuing the couple; Viola Davis (“Doubt”) as a CIA director trying to decipher the true purpose of their high-wire activities; Paul Dano (“There Will Be Blood”) as an eccentric genius behind a revolutionary technology; and Olivier Martinez (“Unfaithful”) as a ruthless arms manufacturer. Co-starring are Maggie Grace (“Taken”) and Marc Blucas (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”).

The movie is directed by James Mangold (“3:10 to Yuma,” “Walk the Line”) from a screenplay he co-wrote with Scott Frank (“Minority Report,” “Out of Sight”). The film’s executive producers include blockbuster makers Joe Roth (“The Great Debaters”), E. Bennett Walsh (“Kill Bill”) and Arnon Milchan (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”).
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