WATCH: ‘Black Panther’ Chadwick Boseman Becomes Detective in ’21 Bridges’ Trailer

In this action-packed film, Boseman will try to capture two cop-killers by closing the 21 bridges of Manhattan.

The King who opened Wakanda to the world will be doing the opposite to Manhattan in New York.

Actor Chadwick Boseman, known for his notable performance as the titular role in Black Panther, stars anew in the upcoming film 21 Bridges. This time, he is a detective who needs to put Manhattan on a lockdown in order to catch a duo of cop-killers.

Check out the trailer below:

"21 Bridges follows an embattled NYPD detective," says the official synopsis, "who is thrust into a citywide manhunt for a pair of cop killers after uncovering a massive and unexpected conspiracy. As the night unfolds, lines become blurred on who he is pursuing, and who is in pursuit of him. When the search intensifies, extreme measures are taken to prevent the killers from escaping Manhattan as the authorities close all 21BRIDGES to prevent any entry or exit from the iconic island."

The film is directed by Brian Kirk, the film is produced by Avengers: Endgame directors, Joseph and Anthony Russo, along with Boseman, Mike Larocca, Gigi Pritzker, and Logan Coles for STX films. The film will be out on local theaters this November 20.

For more information, check out the STX Entertainment website, as well as its social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.


Homestream image courtesy of STX Films.

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21 Bridges
Action | Crime | Drama


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