Kathy Bates Receives Acting Honors as Mother of Hero ‘Richard Jewell’

'Misery' and 'Dolores Claiborne' star Kathy Bates gets high praises for her performance as the mother of real-life hero in Clint Eastwood's 'Richard Jewell.'

Legendary actress Kathy Bates (Misery, Dolores Claiborne) has been getting rave notices for her performance as the mother of real-life hero security guard-turned bombing suspect in Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell.”

See a glimpse of Bates’ performance that critics are calling “a gutting centerpiece” in the clip below.

After winning the Best Supporting Actress prize from the National Board of Review (NBR), Bates has just received a Golden Globe Awards nomination in the same category.  

“Thank you HFPA for the recognition, I am so proud of this film and it was an honor to work with Mr. Eastwood on telling this important story,” Bates said in a statement after her nomination was announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) that hands out the Golden Globes. “I hope our film brings justice and peace to Richard and Bobi Jewell in telling their truth and honoring his heroism.”

Despite her long and respected career, this film marks Bates’ first at bat in an Eastwood movie.  “I have to say what really attracted me to the film was working with Clint, and the idea that I would finally get that opportunity was just amazing.”  


The actress reveals that the first thing she asked the storied director was, “‘Why did you want to make this movie?’  And the first thing he said to me was that it’s a movie he’d want to see.  He said he really felt it was a tragedy that this man was treated so badly by the FBI, that he was tricked when he went in to make this training film, which was all a ruse to get him to waive his Miranda rights.  That just astounded me.  I had known about the bombing, of course, but I had no idea how devastating it was for Richard Jewell and his mother.  And to read about that in the script was just absolutely horrifying.”

In Philippine cinemas January 15, “Richard Jewell” is distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures, a WarnerMedia Company.  Use the hashtag #RichardJewell

About “Richard Jewell”

“There is a bomb in Centennial Park.  You have thirty minutes.”  The world is first introduced to Richard Jewell as the security guard who reports finding the device at the 1996 Atlanta Games bombing—his quick thinking making him a hero whose swift actions save countless lives.  But within days, the law enforcement wannabe will become the FBI’s number one suspect, vilified in the court of public opinion, his life ripped apart.  

Directed by Clint Eastwood, the suspense drama “Richard Jewell” centers around the events that forever made his name synonymous with that terrible act.  The film stars Oscar winners Sam Rockwell (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”) as attorney Watson Bryant and Kathy Bates (“Misery,” TV’s “American Horror Story”) as Richard’s mom, Bobi; Jon Hamm (“Baby Driver”) as lead FBI investigating agent Tom Shaw (a fictionalized character); Olivia Wilde (“Life Itself”) as reporter Kathy Scruggs; and Paul Walter Hauser (“I, Tonya”) as Richard Jewell.

Oscar winner Eastwood directed from a screenplay by Oscar nominee Billy Ray (“Captain Phillips”), based on true events and on the Vanity Fair article “American Nightmare—The Ballad of Richard Jewell” by Marie Brenner.  Eastwood also produced under his Malpaso banner, alongside Tim Moore, Jessica Meier, Kevin Misher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson and Jonah Hill.

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