Jackie Chan Faces Mercenaries, Lions, and Strong Currents in ‘Vanguard’

At one point, Jackie Chan almost drowned.

Our favorite martial arts action star Jackie Chan returns to the big screen in his new film with Rumble in The Bronx director Stanley Tong, titled Vanguard.

The full trailer for the film features Jackie and his co-stars Yang Yang and Miya Muqi in action-packed sequences that pin the trio against the world's deadliest mercenary organization and other dangerous threats. Check it out below:

As seen in the trailer, Vanguard is a battle between the international private security organization, Vanguard, and a group of terrorists who are out to kill an accountant. It also involves a number of gold vehicles that cost hundreds of million dollars, a sum that the Vanguard must protect from the terrorists, before they could use it to build weapons of mass destruction.

Besides the enemy's gunmen, Jackie Chan and his group are also teased to battle the forces of nature, including wild animals and the strong currents of a raging river. Having been known to do his own stunts, Jackie was even reported to nearly drown during the filming of the river sequence. It looks like the 65-year old Hong Kong star is still up for some death-defying stunts.

Vanguard is the latest in the collaborations between Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong, who also helmed the films Supercop, Police Story 4, CZ12, and Kung Fu Yoga, which like Vanguard, was also shot extensively in Dubai.


Jackie Chan's Vanguard is coming to local theaters on January 22, 2020 under Pioneer Films.



Homestream image courtesy of Pioneer Films.

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