Infographic: 10 Must-See Gruesome Cannibal Movies Before You Die

Even your inner sadist will thank you for it.

We've all heard stories about one of the famous taboos in history — cannibalism — in which people eat human flesh and (if you don't know yet) is actually a form of ritual in some cultures. It may be disgusting to even imagine, but what more when it's reenacted in films?

And although we hate seeing blood or slaughtered human body parts, there's this gratifying feeling which makes us want to watch or keep on watching these kinds of movies. Even your inner sadist will thank you for it.

Here are 10 must-see films which made us cringe but loved every single scene from it.

How many of these have you already seen and can't wait to see? From acclaimed horror director, Eli Roth, The Green Inferno is set to be released on September 23 distributed by Solar Pictures in cinemas nationwide. Grab your thickest blanket and hope you could bring it to the movies!


Sources: Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb


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