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Filipino-American Actor Brandon Perea Stars as Extreme Meteorologist in the Epic Disaster Film “Twisters”

Fil-Am actor Brandon Perea stars as Boone, an extreme meteorologist, in the epic disaster film "Twisters." Catch the thrilling adventure in Philippine cinemas on July 17.

Filipino-American actor Brandon Perea, known for his role in the sci-fi series “The OA” and his breakout performance in Jordan Peele’s acclaimed horror film “Nope,” is set to dazzle audiences once again. This time, Perea takes on the role of Boone, an extreme meteorologist, in the highly anticipated disaster film “Twisters.”

A Modern Chapter to a Classic Tale

Twisters,” a contemporary sequel to the 1991 blockbuster “Twister,” follows a team of storm chasers as they endeavor to predict and possibly tame nature’s most destructive forces. Perea’s character, Boone, partners with Tyler Owen (played by Glen Powell) to lead a diverse group of thrill-seeking storm chasers from Arkansas.

“They’re a diverse group of fun and crazy hooligans who work efficiently together, but there’s a higher purpose in what they do,” Perea explains. “They’re cool because everyone’s just being their genuine honest self, no false fronts. Their goal is to help people and have fun while doing it, and as they reveal themselves to the audience, they will earn everyone’s respect.”

Photo from Brandon Perea’s Instagram @brandonperea

Drawing Inspiration from a Legend

The cast of “Twisters” found inspiration in the original “Twister” character, Dusty, played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. “I know that I’m talking about one of the greatest actors of all time,” Perea says. “Hopefully I can bring even just a pinkie-nail amount of that fun-kooky energy he brought to the film.”

Director Lee Isaac Chung also aimed to honor Hoffman’s legacy by infusing some of Dusty’s aesthetic into Boone’s character. “I also wanted to pay respect to Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was so beloved in ‘Twister,’ for playing this quirky, thrill-seeking character, Dusty, and whose spirit can be seen in the storm wranglers,” Chung shares. “Perhaps the most explicit of those homages are on Boone, Tyler’s right-hand man and hype beast, played by Brandon Perea, who rocks some tie-dye, and on Lily, played by Sasha Lane, the group’s free-spirited drone flyer, whose pants have swatches of floral fabric, all nods to Dusty’s wardrobe prints.”

Photo from Brandon Perea’s Instagram @brandonperea

An Epic Adventure Awaits

Prepare for a thrilling ride as Boone and his team of storm chasers battle tornadoes and brave the elements in “Twisters.” This epic disaster film promises heart-pounding action, a touch of nostalgia, and a cast of characters you’ll love.

Twisters” crashes into Philippine cinemas on July 17. Don’t miss the chance to see Brandon Perea and the rest of the crew in action!

Photo and Video Credit: “Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.”

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