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Glen Powell Takes the Lead as Storm-Chasing Cowboy Tyler Owens in “Twisters”

Glen Powell stars as Tyler Owens in “Twisters,” a thrilling disaster film by Lee Isaac Chung, hitting Philippine cinemas on July 17. Experience heart-racing action and deep character portrayals.

Glen Powell, known for his magnetic performances, is set to captivate audiences once again in the disaster thriller “Twisters,” directed by Lee Isaac Chung. Powell’s journey into this high-octane film began during his collaboration with Joseph Kosinski on “Top Gun: Maverick,” where he first learned about “Twisters.” Intrigued by the vibrant characters and intense action sequences, Powell kept a close eye on the project.

The Call to Adventure

While filming “Anyone But You” in Australia, Powell received a pivotal call. “I was asked if I’d be interested in ‘Twisters’ and if I would be open to doing a chemistry read with Daisy, who was already cast,” Powell recalls. This opportunity was a dream come true for the actor, who was eager to dive into the world of tornado chasing.

Perfect Casting

Director Lee Isaac Chung believes Powell is the ideal choice for the role of Tyler Owens, a charming rodeo star-turned-viral storm chaser. “Glen is so charismatic, interesting, and funny, you end up loving him even when he’s playing characters like Tyler who are cocky and big showboats,” Chung says. “He’s also an extraordinary actor with great depth, effortlessly revealing layers of his character without forcing it.”

A Personal Connection

An appearance on the morning show “Today” showcased a different side of Powell that resonated with Chung. “Seeing Glen with his parents, talking about their impact on his life, I saw a layer of him that I wanted for this character—someone with real heart,” Chung explains. This genuine warmth and depth made Powell the perfect fit for Tyler Owens.

Honoring a Legacy

Powell also drew inspiration from the late Bill Paxton, star of the original “Twister.” Reflecting on their time together during the filming of the 2013 western “Red Wing,” Powell shares, “Bill helped me understand what it takes to make characters like Tyler feel grounded and real, but also cool and fun. I thought about Bill Paxton often while making ‘Twisters.’ It’s an impossible task to follow in his footsteps, but I hope people can see a little bit of his light emanating through the movie.”


Building the Character

Powell meticulously crafted his portrayal of Tyler Owens, aiming to reveal the character’s true depth. “I wanted to start with my character presenting as exactly the guy you think he is—this self-promoting adrenaline junkie,” Powell explains. “But then you realize there’s real depth to him. His team of storm chasers might seem like a traveling circus of thrill seekers, but they share a complicated fascination with tornadoes and a deep respect for their power. They’re a band of misfits who have grown into a family that works together and cares for each other.”

Storming Cinemas Soon

Get ready for heart-racing action as “Twisters” storms across Philippine cinemas on July 17. Join Glen Powell and an incredible cast as they navigate the thrilling, unpredictable world of tornadoes, bringing both excitement and depth to the screen.

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