Get Possessed Again by Lin Shaye with “Insidious: The Last Key”

Dr. Elise Rainier—a brilliant psychic, clairvoyant and demonologist—has spent her life guiding innocents back into the light…and thwarting creatures that have opened unholy doors into eternal darkness.

Dr. Elise Rainier—a brilliant psychic, clairvoyant and demonologist—has spent her life guiding innocents back into the light…and thwarting creatures that have opened unholy doors into eternal darkness.

As a child who could communicate with the dead, she accidentally unleashed something unspeakable into our world, in Columbia Pictures' new horror-thriller Insidious: The Last Key

Lin Shaye was thrilled with the opportunity to play Elise as a badass. “I’m learning more about Elise through each film,” says the actress. “When we first meet her in Insidious, she’s a confident clairvoyant, an empath. She takes on other people’s feelings very strongly, which allows her to respond to them deeply. She’s a seer with a gift that she didn’t ask for, but one that she was born with.”

“People were apparently very taken by me as a hero,” Shaye adds, “which was very surprising to me.”

“It’s been fascinating to watch Lin’s evolution as Elise over this series,” says producer Jason Blum. “We meet Elise as this enigmatic scientist in a complex field…who serves the story as a channel for the Lambert family to reach their son. But as we learn more about her, we see this haunting unfold—one that all plays out in Lin’s riveting eyes. In The Last Key, we finally get to witness what created Elise’s genius, and how she has been driven for a lifetime to help others—innocents tortured by this unspeakable demon.”

We first met Dr. Rainier in 2010’s Insidious, when, alongside sidekicks Tucker and Specs, she helps Josh and Renai Lambert draw their son Dalton from the deep recesses of The Further—a nightmarish mirror vision of our existence. There, dark spirits ooze from unspeakable corners and attempt to re-enter our realm by any means necessary. As Elise uses her gifts to free Dalton, the demon that possessed Josh when he was just a boy escapes from The Further and kills Elise. But is she really dead?

In Insidious: Chapter 2 the Lamberts are still reeling from the psychic abduction of their son and the loss of Elise. When they move back into Josh’s boyhood home, Josh again becomes possessed by the demon residing in the house and lying in wait. To save his father, Dalton reaches into The Further and finds Elise, who is still alive fighting an eternal battle to free trapped souls, rescue Josh and end the family curse.

Elise returns to the land of the living in Insidious: Chapter 3, which takes us back to a time before the Lamberts. Called out of retirement to help Quinn Brenner, a teen whose attempts to connect with her dead mother go horribly wrong, Elise is reminded of her sworn duty to use her paranormal gifts for the good of mankind.

Insidious: The Last Key takes us with Elise back to her girlhood home. But when the ghastliest haunted house Elise has ever entered proves to be the one where she was raised, Elise must face her greatest fears and destroy the immortal Key Face—the demon she set free so many years before. Vanquish him on his terrain, and she will free trapped souls for good. Fail, and the house she barely escaped as a child will claim her soul for eternity.

In Philippine cinemas January 17, Insidious: The Last Key is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.


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