WATCH: ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Clip Teases a Small, Baymax-Like Robot

Barney's "best friend out of the box" becomes glitchy in this movie clip!

Ron’s Gone Wrong, a new animated film from Disney and 20th Century, has just released a clip giving us a glimpse of the young boy Barney as he tries to figure out his new B-Bot, Ron, who seems to have a problem with his program. Check out the clip below:

The film is set to tell the story of the awkward middle school student Barney and his adventures with his robot friend, Ron. With everyone in school having a B-Bot, Barney tries to persuade his parents to get him one, but when he finally receives his “best friend out of the box”, it turns out that his B-Bot Ron has problems with its connection, and so it tries to do its functions in real life.

You can also check out the film’s full trailer below:

This is not the first time that Disney blessed us with a cute robot. In 2014, Big Hero 6 introduced us to Baymax, a huggable healthcare robot invented by Tadashi Hamada. After Tadashi’s death, the robot was inherited by his younger brother Hiro. When a mysterious figure weaponizes a technology invented by Hiro, the young genius gathers his brother’s friends and Baymax to create a superhero team to prevent the threat spawned by his creation.

Ron’s Gone Wrong is directed by Jean-Philippe Vine and Sarah Smith. It stars the voices of Zach Galifianakis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Olivia Colman, Ed Helms, Justice Smith, and many more. It is set for a theater release on October 22.


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Ron's Gone Wrong
Adventure | Animation | Comedy
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