#BlackPantherSoLit: 6 Reasons Why Black Panther is Your New Favorite Marvel Superhero

After being introduced in 'Captain America: Civil War,' Black Panther gets his own standalone film, making the Marvel geeks so excited. Here's why this superhero will soon be your favorite Marvel character.

After being introduced in the big screen in 'Captain America: Civil War,' T'challa a.k.a Black Panther is now getting a standalone film, making the Marvel geeks and superhero fans excited! And there are many reasons why you should, too.

Marvel Studios’ "Black Panther" will follow the story of T’Challa who returns home to Wakanda, a technologically advanced African nation, after the death of his father the king. But as he takes reign of the kingdom as Black Panther, he is challenged by a powerful old adversary, putting both Wakanda and the entire world in grave danger.

Here is why Black Panther is going to be your next must-watch superhero film, and why he'll also be your favorite Marvel hero (future Halloween costume, perhaps?):

1. Black Panther's origins are unique–he is neither American nor extraterrestrial, which is often the case for superheroes.

This time around, this film (and his character) brings us to a unique setting. We're pretty much used to having heroes claiming USA as their homebase, or if not, they hail from another planet. With Black Panther, we are brought into the extraordinary land of Wakanda, a fictional African setting extremely rich in high technology resources, a culture that celebrates powerful, strong women warriors (more on that later) and a tribe that protects and secures its advanced tech resources from outsiders and anyone who has selfish motivations for it.

2. He's the very first superhero in mainstream American comics that gives voice to a different kind of world view and culture

It's rather fitting that this Marvel character gets the limelight in this time where cultural representation is important. The folks behind 'Black Panther' consider the Disney-Marvel film to be their love letter to Africa. It is also the first and only film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that features a a different kind of superhero as its lead! It's most likely that these exact facts lead the upcoming movie to gain record-breaking advanced ticket sales, becoming the top seller among the MCU movies


3. T'challa isn't all muscle–he has the best technology in the world at his disposal.

While he acquired superhuman abilities, and is an expert in both armed and unarmed combat, he brilliantly uses the most advanced technology of Wakanda to create unparalleled weaponry, which includes an iconic black suit. Check out the clip below to see the superpowers of T'challas Black Panther suit and how dangerous it could be to his foes!

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4. A whole nation bows down to Black Panther, because aside from being a superhero he is also a king.

This feline-suited Marvel superhero is also royalty. Being the heir to the throne, T'challa earned his birthright as King when his father died. He not only stepped in as the ruler of Wakanda, he also took on the role of Black Panther – protector of his land and people. And while becoming the Black Panther was a hereditary title for T'challa, he's no spoiled rich kid–he is a super genius (think Tony Stark) that has a photographic memory, and also specializes in biology and physics.

5. Black Panther is backed up by the fiercest posse of his nation: the Dora Milaje, elite female bodyguards of the king that are highly trained in tech and combat.

He knows there is strength in numbers, and in helping him defeat his nemesis, he rallies his allies and the most accomplished fighting team that is intensely loyal to the nation of Wakanda. The Dora Milaje (Adored Ones) are a group of fearless and strong women who fight as one, armed with expertise in combat and weaponry thanks to their country's next level technology. If the Avengers can assemble, Black Panther can call upon a team of heroines — a powerful combination of spies, scientists, warriors, and queens.

6. The upcoming film about Black Panther already has the highest ratings and praises from critics.

The initial reactions to Black Panther came storming in social media after its purple carpet premiere and get this — each and every review and comment is overwhelmingly positive, and people are pegging it to be the best film to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus far. From the story to cinematography, lead actor and the villain — there's certainly a lot to look forward to in 'Black Panther.'

From comic pages to the big screen, 'Black Panther' leaps into Philippine cinemas on Wednesday, February 14. Check the cinema screening schedules here.

Marvel Studio's Black Panther will be distributed in the Philippines by The Walt Disney Company. Follow Marvel on Twitter (@marvel) and like Marvel on Facebook (/Marvel).

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