New Movies This Week: The Grudge, The Last Warrior and more!

Plan your week ahead and choose which of these movie openings this January 15, you'll see on the big screen first.

Written and directed by Nicolas Pesce, it is the sidequel that takes place during and after the events of the 2004 film and its sequels. A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.

Directed by Wych Kaosayananda, the film is set in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse and centers on a dedicated father and husband who must protect his family from the horrors of the end of civilization.

Arctic Justice


Directed by Aaron Woodley, the film follows an Arctic fox who works in the mailroom of a package delivery service but wants to be doing the deliveries.

Jojo Rabbit

COMEDY, DRAMA, WAR | R-13 | 1hr 48mins

Written and directed by Taika Waititi, it is based on Christine Leunens's book Caging Skies. A young boy in Hitler's army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.

Kill Chain

Main Cast
Nicolas Cage

Written and directed by Ken Sanzel, three strangers' lives are inevitably entangled in a conflict none of them are prepared for.

Directed by Veronica Velasco, the film follows Mia who is a self-destructive, alcoholic doctor who joined the Doctor of the Barrios program to heal from the tragedy of her fiance's death. She then meets the cheerful and nerdy forester Jay. Together, the two embarks on a new journey.

Directed and produced by Clint Eastwood, it is based on the 1997 Vanity Fair article "American Nightmare: The Ballad of Richard Jewell" by Marie Brenner. American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the press who falsely reported that he was a terrorist.

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