Thai Horror Flick 'Reside' Unleashes Evil in Theaters August 14


Horror | R-13 | 1 hr 43 min
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Thai films have made a mark on the local screens for the past couple of years with decent flicks such as “Bad Genius,” “Brother of the Year,” “Homestay,” and most recently “Friend Zone.” These films from Thailand brought something new on the table to entertain the Filipino audiences. This time, another Thai film is set to step on the Philippine soil via the upcoming horror film “Reside.”

This marks the reunion of Ananda Everingham and Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, who both terrified the audience in the unforgettable Thai horror classic “Shutter” in 2014. What makes “Reside” more interesting is the fact that it was written and directed by Wisit Sasabatieng, whose earlier works have won international awards from different film festivals. 

For “Reside,” director Wisit was inspired by the idea of possession and parapsychology or the study of different situations which can't be explained scientifically—such as paranormal activities, psychic phenomenons and other unearthly happenings. “I’m interested in what happens when someone’s personality suddenly changes like in the movie ‘Primal Fear’ where Edward Norton switches in seconds from a good person to a scary person,” Wisit shared in an interview. He noted that his latest masterpiece is not just a simple ghost movie nor an overly used Thai style black magic, but a hybrid horror picture with his own take on a Hollywood possession genre.  

New Thai horror film “Reside” will open on August 14 in PH screens as distributed by Cine Screen.

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