In Photos: Pan De Salawal

Pan De Salawal

Drama | PG | 1 hr 32 min

In a small town near the Manila Railroad, Sal– a lonely baker suffering from a chronic kidney condition wants to end his life by confronting the oncoming train. Sharing a depressing life are his neighbors–a barber with hand tremors, a Cariñosa dancer paralyzed by stroke, and a meat vendor with tumor in his breast. Their prayers were finally answered when 7-year old Visayan girl Aguy came with a series of miraculous cures. Sal grew fond of Aguy like his own daughter and offered his home to the wandering child who possesses the unusual ability to cure. When she sees someone in pain, Aguy inflicts physical harm by slapping the face or punching the chest. Thereafter, magical healing happens. But as Aguy is able to heal the sick, she however, cannot heal Sal. As his condition weakens, Aguy realizes she must do a most heart-breaking sacrifice, hurt him the worst way she can. 

"Pan De Salawal" is distributed by Cinefocus Productions, released thru Solar Pictures, Inc.

Official Hashtag: #PanDeSalawal

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