Regal's New Film 'Finding You' is Rich With Hugot Lines

Finding You

Drama, Romance | PG | 1 hr 37 min
Regal Entertainment Inc.

What if someone who can vividly remember everything forgets a specific painful moment that keeps on curiously bothering him? 

Rich with poignant hugot lines and a relatable story, Finding You tells of a person's search for “the one” - not knowing it won’t turn out the way he expects it to be.

Social media journalist NEL (Jerome Ponce) has a rare condition called “hyperthymesia”. The opposite of amnesia, he remembers every detail of every moment he has encountered. 

As much it’s a blessing, this condition serves as a curse for Nel when it comes to matters of the heart. Coming from series of failed relationships, he never forgets all the painful experience he had. 

Good thing, his bride-to-be best friend KIT (Jane Oineza) is always there by his side through thick and thin.

Despite having exceptional memory, Nel is suddenly bombarded by vague memories that seem to curiously bring back an obscure pain - triggered by accidentally activating a mobile application called “Throwback”. His old statuses starting with “Dear You” prompt him to get to the bottom of it and be clarified with that one memory. 

Will Nel realize that the one he needs to look for is just right beside him… before it’s too late?

Finding You is a play on memories - or the lack of it - and how they affect the life even of the most stern.

Finding You is by Regal Entertainment, Inc., which also stars Barbie Imperial with Claire Ruiz, Kate Alejandro, Jon Lucas, Paeng Sudayan.

Directed by Easy Ferrer, Finding You opens in cinemas in May 29.

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Drama, Romance
PG | 1 hr 37 min
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