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Incredibles 2

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The press had an entire day immersing themselves into the world of Disney-Pixar's 'Incredibles 2' last June 11 as a special advance screening of the animation was held, along with getting to know more about the film by meeting with Bryn Imagire, the movie's Shading Art Director.

Interview with Bryn Imagire of Incredibles 2

Imagire joined the Pixar family in 1996 and worked as a digital painter on 'A Bug's Life.' She later on joined other well-loved Pixar films 'Monsters Inc.,' 'Cars 2,' 'Toy Story 2,' and 'The Good Dinosaur,' and 'Up.' Most recently, she was shading art director of the Academy Award®-winning features 'Coco.' Imagire also worked on the first film of the super family 'The Incredibles.'

Interview with Bryn Imagire of Incredibles 2

Aside from interview sessions with the press, Bryn Imagire also unveiled her 'Incredible' family sketches of celebrity families like the Belo-Khos, Kramers, and Dantes'. She also hosted an animation workshop to art student and creatives.

Discover the world of Pixar and find out more about the highly anticipated 'Incredibles' sequel in the interview with Imagire below:

Can you share what exactly are the roles of a Shading Art Director in a film like 'Incredibles 2'?

Bryn Imagire: As a Shading Art Director, I work with the production designer and the director and the other art directors and I help figure out the look of a movie from the beginning and I then I design all of the colors and textures of the characters and the props and the environments.

You also worked in the first film 'Incredibles' and the gap between the two movies is quite large. What were the changes over last 14 years?

Bryn Imagire: Technology now is so much more sophisticated, it's very easy to make things look much more beautiful very fast. The things like global illuminitaion which is a light source, now you can put a light source and it makes everything like all the buildings in a city look like they are connected.

Before, for some reason in CG, all the buildings would look very separated, and so now it's easier for things to look like they're all in one environment. Character wise, it's the simulation, which is like the way that hair moves or the way that fabrics move is much more, reponse better to gravity now, so fabrics feel much more draping like they really do and the hair feels much more response to gravity so it doesn't feel less like floaty, it feels much more realistic. And the way that the sheen is much better now. We did spend a lot of time gettting the character's silhouttes and shapes closer to the original sculps of the first film and Brad is really happy about that.

Which of the returning 'Incredibles' characters are you most excited for the audience to watch out for in this sequel?

Bryn Imagire: Well, Jack-Jack has so many amazing powers, I think you guys will really love it because he can do so many things, interesting things. And then, you know I love all the characters but I really love E also because she is so funny and I got to design two of her new costumes so that was really fun for me. 

Just being around the family and the new characters was really fun for us that worked on the first film cause it was like visiting your family that you haven't seen in a long time.

Interview with Bryn Imagire of Incredibles 2

People always talk about the Pixar magic, that audiences always expect something amazing (and get it) when they go see a Pixar film. Can you explain this magic to us?

Bryn Imagire: Well, you know when we're making it, we don't know what it's gonna turn out like. I think maybe the magic comes from hardwork and always making decisions based on what will be the best for the story.

A lot of the decisions we make are based on what will make, say for example, what will make Bob you know in this movie because he's staying home at alone with the kids, taking care of the kids and he I think in the beginning thinks it's easy and so we start him out very fresh and very strong, masculine and over the course of time, there's a point where he is so tired from taking care of the kids, he is hardly keeping it together so at that point we had to make his clothes wrinkly, his bags under his eyes, red eyes, messed up hair, and then after that he comes back like he feels like he knows how to take care of his family now after all that time. And so that arc is very important, maybe that's magic, something that you really don't notice right away but it's all these small things that add up to a really great story.

How long did you prepare for Incredibles 2?

Bryn Imagire: I was on Incredibles 2 for two years, which is you know, they're all different, the time that you stay on but Incredibles 2 was rather short in production time but I feel like, when I saw the movie all together, I couldn't believe how much great work we did. So I feel really proud of this one because it's really great and we did it in short amount of time.

What do you think about the fan-made The Pixar Theory (now also made into a book) -- that all Pixar films are interconnected and they exist in one universe?

Bryn Imagire: It's funny I've read through that, I think in hindsight, that after a movie is made, it's so easy to weave them together but you know, to us as we're making it, we don't really think about things like that in that way. I think it takes someone from the outside to sort of look in and figure that out because we are so busy making film we don't only think about it in those terms.

What do you think would you be doing if you weren't an animator? Any other career path you'd be interested in?

Bryn Imagire: Oh, there's so many things that I still would love to do, you know, I love working at Pixar and it's still fun for me and new projects are always really challenging and I've worked really hard to create all these great relationships with all my colleagues at Pixar so I'm gonna stay till they don't need me anymore. But when I retire, I remember seeing a documentary where a these scientists were on this kind of pulleys and they were attaching themselves to cliffs and pollinating flowers, I think it was in Hawaii but it's like a botanist's job probably but I was like, I think I would like to do that [laughs].  And I think I have this appreciation of tropical plants too, and when I come here to Manila I'm like so happy to see all these amazing tropical plants, orchids.

'Incredibles 2' opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide on Thursday, June 14, 2018. Join the conversation online by using the hashtags #Incredibles2 and #IAmIncrediblePH

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