Merry Christmas, 'Star Wars' Fans: Disney Announces a New Trilogy and a TV Show are in the Works!

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Merry Christmas, Star Wars fans! Disney just revealed that a brand new trilogy and a TV show are in the works!


Disney officially announced that three new movies (yes, a new trilogy) and a live-action television show are planned for the galaxy far, far away.

In an official release via Star Wars' website, it was revealed that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will be helming the new trilogy, the first of the three films as its writer and director. While no release dates nor any plot and character information were revealed, Johnson's The Last Jedi will be opening in theaters next month and might just be filled with clues as to what we can expect for the future trilogy.

This wasn't the only reveal by Disney this week -- the execs also teased on an all-new Star Wars television show, which is planned to be released in Disney's own streaming platform targeted to be available by 2019. Again, no word on what the live-action series will be about, and we've got over a year to wait for its release.


Here's hoping we too here in the Philippines get full access to Disney's first direct-to-consumer streaming service once it launches -- imagine binge-watching on all Disney favorites plus the new Star Wars series!



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