Kate Hudson: A Fool for Love

Fool's Gold

Action, Adventure, Romance | PG | 1 hr 55 m
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Academy Award-nominee Kate Hudson (“Almost Famous”) re-teams with her “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” love interest Matthew McConaughey in Warner Bros.’ new romantic comedy-adventure “Fool's Gold.”

“It was great to come into this and already have that comfort zone with Matthew,” states Hudson. “I have a total soft spot for him. He’s so endearing; there’s really not a mean bone in his body. We can goof around and have a great time, but we also know how to push each other’s buttons perfectly. We both have a little bit of a competitive nature and throw little jabs at each other, which suited our characters and the dynamic of their relationship.”

“Fool’s Gold” tells the story of husband-and-wife modern-day treasure hunters Finn (McConaughey) and Tess (Hudson) who discover a lucrative treasure, making them the toast of the town. A few years later, a second expedition has left their marriage shipwrecked and has plunged them into debt. Just as they divorce, they stumble upon a missing clue that might lead them to a fortune.

“We needed a couple that could spar; they had to be equally balanced so you’d know that each could give as good as he or she got,” director Andy Tennant remarks. “Matthew and Kate are both so talented and they embraced their characters so completely, there was an immediate spark. And because of their previous collaboration, the audience has sort of seen what they’re like when they fall in love, so we could skip right over the marriage and go right to the divorce,” he laughs.

In fact, the story begins on the very day that their divorce is to become final. But while Tess is an emotional wreck convincing herself that she’s doing the right thing, Finn is dealing with a wreck of a different kind. Underwater and oblivious to the disaster developing on the surface, Finn has managed to sink his boat and, with it, any hope of making it back to town in time to try and stop Tess from ending their marriage once and for all. But out of the disaster, a shard of hope emerges—a piece of a plate that proves he is closer than ever to finding the Queen’s Dowry, an untold fortune in gold and jewels that has mystified treasure hunters for almost 300 years.

Now that they may be on the brink of finally unraveling the mystery, Tess finds herself drawn back into the hunt. Try as she might, Tess can’t ignore the importance of Finn’s latest discovery any more than she can resist Finn.

“You get the sense that Finn makes Tess crazy,” Hudson admits. “She loves him, but he is completely irresponsible and doesn’t think before he acts and Tess has a difficult time trusting his judgment. As you get to know their relationship, you understand why it’s that kind of ‘I love you, but I can’t be near you, but I can’t walk away from you’ kind of thing. Of course, when Tess finally makes the leap to end the marriage, Finn manages to work his way back into her life and continues to drive her insane,” she laughs.

Opening soon across the Philippines, “Fool’s Gold” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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